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Blizzard photos

February 9, 2013

It’s 11:22 on Saturday morning; the storm is winding down.  We have not lost power or even cable thus far, for which I am grateful.

That said, the forecasters got this one right – it’s been a dicey one.  Public transportation shut down yesterday at 3:30, and remains closed throughout the day today.  The airports and railway are closed as well.  The governor even declared a driving ban as of 4pm yesterday, with the penalty being a $500 fine OR jail time.  Wow.

I took hourly photos until dark.  Here’s how it looked when it all started yesterday morning.

DSCN2730  DSCN2732

Alistair and I measured out three feet on some painter’s tape and stuck it to the back rail post.




It was a few hours before anything even started to accumulate.

DSCN2746  DSCN2748

It was impossible for the boys to not go outside at dinnertime to see how things were going.

DSCN2766  DSCN2770

One last set of photos before dark, at 5:45

DSCN2771  DSCN2772

The wind howled all night – every window in my house has snow blown into the screen.

Here’s what we woke up to, 7:45am.


Foot and a half of drifts on the front porch.


DSCN2776  DSCN2778

We finally ventured outdoors today around 10, bundled up appropriately.



Larson is three feet tall…


The backyard is waist-high on Alistair, pit-high on Larson.


But so windblown that neither of the sink into the snow.


Larry did his famous Nestea plunge from the driveway into the yard.


Almost exactly 22 inches out back, according to Alistair’s snowometer.



Inconveniences aside, hopefully everyone is able to enjoy the enforced slowdown for a few days…

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