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February 7, 2013

The greater Boston area is hunkering down for a reportedly “epic” storm.

Now, I tend to look askance at claims like this – the outlandish claims of the media tend me make me roll my eyes – but this does look like a big one.  They say there’s even a possibility of thundersnow, which is my all-time favorite weather occurence.  (Well, except for aurora borealis, but I’ve never seen that in person.)

Boston could get upwards of 20 inches of snow.  Alistair’s school announced at 2pm today that they’ve cancelled school for tomorrow, so I’ll be bringing my laptop home tonight and working remotely tomorrow.

I laid in household supplies yesterday; we have plenty of food and various activities to keep us occupied.  The car is gassed up; so is the snowblower.  I stopped by the liquor store this morning and picked up an extra box of wine, you know, “just in case”.  I’ve got days and days worth of comfort food recipes and ingredients ready and waiting.  I have two knitting projects in process, and another two or three that just need the yarn to be wound off.

As long as we don’t lose electricity, we’ll be just fine.   And even if we DO lose electricity, our house gets plenty of natural light, and there’s nothing wrong with going to bed early once in a while.  We have gas heat and the thermostat works on a battery.

So I’m not particularly worried about us; I’m actually kind of looking forward to it.  It’s been a couple of years since we got a really good dumping – Larson was a newborn, and Alistair was only four, a little too little to fully appreciate the joy of a winter storm.  And I’ll take a day at home with my family anytime you care to hand me one.




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