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December 21, 2012

Okay, some more Christmas knitting for you today.

Well…are they technically Christmas knitting, if they’re for me?  They were made during the Christmas-knitting season, so I’m totally counting them.

Fingerless mitts:


A cute (free!) hat pattern from a recent Webs catalog:


I really like the decreases at the top, although I didn’t use the one in the pattern.  Mine was: knit the hat until it’s long enough.  K2tog around, then K2tog around, and then K2tog around.  Finis.


Slipper socks for the three menfolk.


I also made four washcloths to go into the stockings, but didn’t think to photograph them.  Larry’s hat is finished, but needs to be soaked and shrunk a bit.  The mittens I’m making him (complete with conductive thread, so he can use his phone without taking them off) are almost finished, too.


So, to tally.

My plan was:  finish the two stockings, make hats for the four of us, and ornaments for the seven kids in the family.

My reality was:  Finished the two stockings.  Made hats for the four of us, plus my niece and my nephew, plus three more for charity.  Made the seven ornaments.  Made a pair of fingerless mitts for myself and a pair of mitts for Larry.  Then the kids started wearing their hats in November, so I made three pairs of slipper socks.  Plus four washcloths. That’s twenty-seven knitted gifts this year, folks – blowing away any previous records of mine.

I’ll post up photos of the other projects over the holiday break, hopefully.  And any noteworthy swag I may receive 🙂

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, enjoy it to the very fullest – and have a safe and happy new year.


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