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August 21, 2012

In the week-plus since Alistair landed in the casts, we’ve all adjusted to this new normal – Alistair quickest of all.

In a matter of days he had mastered walking in them, and moved on to running shortly thereafter.

After that, it was chasing butterflies and playing whiffleball.



This past Friday was his first weekly checkup – the doctor was pleased with his progress; his tendons had already begun become longer and more pliable.  

He was measured for braces, and they have converted the permanent casts you see in these photos into something called “bilateral casts” – essentially they ran a seam down either side of each cast and applied strapping to the outsides.  This means he can take the casts off to shower, swim, and practice flexibility exercises.

Not to walk though, and not to sleep; it’s too early for either of those things.

The braces will be ready on September 4, and the first day of school is September 5.  

There is still a long road ahead of us, to be sure, but there is measurable progress, and for that I am thankful.

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