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June 26, 2012

So after the final demise of my little camera, we decided to get a new one.

We searched the internet, read a few articles, looked at a few current models of our preferred brands (I’m a Canon girl, and Larry is a Nikon guy).  Since a camera is a tactile thing, really, we always like to check things out in person.  So we went to the local big blue store…and were roundly disappointed.

They had only a few floor models on display, and not all of them were live demo-able.  We didn’t see some of the models on our short list, and when we asked, the clerk had to go check the computer because “I don’t think those are out yet”.  They are.

Then it was “they don’t make cameras in different colors anymore”.  (Yes they do)

And then “we can order it for you, and have it shipped directly to your house; you’ll have it in a week or so”.  Fascinating, since their very own website offers free two-day shipping – the price was $20 cheaper on their site, to boot.

Ultimately I ordered a Nikon Coolpix S6300 – in red.  I paid another $20 less than the store’s website, which brought the price way down – almost down to the “buying on a whim” range.  It was delivered earlier today, and is charging as I type this.

I’m looking forward to having a camera in my bag again – I’m a big iPhone fan, lord knows, but the photography experience is simply not the same.

But all of this really emphasized the slow decline and fall of the retail industry.  Which is a bummer, because as I said, there are some things you really want to hold in your hand and compare in person.

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