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June 11, 2012

I finally finished my Hitchhiker scarf/wrap before we went away, but I never blocked it.

And then, my camera was broken in an incident involving Larry and the Atlantic Ocean.  My memory card survived, so my photos were saved, but the camera is a goner.

I’m limited to my iphone camera until further notice.

All of which goes to explain why these photos are lacking in the visual oomph department…


Photographic regrets aside, I’m really happy with this.  The colors are awesome, the pattern is clever and straightforward and mostly brainless once you get going.  I’m wearing it today, in fact.

I also cast on for a new project yesterday.  This one has been sitting in the stash for I don’t know how long – a few years at the very least.

The packaging is so cute I’ve been reluctant to open it…but finally I did.

I’ve got the wallet part already finished, and I’ve already decided to make as many of the little sushi pieces as I can before the yarn runs out – the pattern calls for either six little ones or one big one, so we’ll see.  I also haven’t felted anything before, so I’m interested to see how it all works out.  One of the guild ladies has had great success ignoring all conventional instructions and just throwing her pieces into the machine with her regular laundry, I may go that route.

On Thursday the guild is having the annual potluck dinner and yarn auction.  I’m hoping for two things: 1.  that it will help me to get out of this slump of mine (the sweater remains untouched and incomplete in its bag), and 2. that I leave for the auction with more yarn than I come home with.


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