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May 11, 2012

Larson started feeling warm on Wednesday afternoon, and Alistair went to bed complaining of a sore throat.  I dosed the one with Motrin and the other with cough medicine and went to bed.

Larson woke up still warm on Thursday morning, so Larry stayed home with him.  Alistair was still complaining of his throat, but had no fever so I gave him another round of cough medicine and sent him to school.

The school nurse called me at 9:30 and said she thought he had strep and could I come get him?  A quick visit to the pediatrician confirmed it.

Meanwhile, Larson’s fever never really broke, so by 3pm I was extra nervous – despite the pediatrician telling me it was VERY rare for kids under 3 to get strep.  I brought him in at 4:30 and sure enough, he’s got strep too.

So I’m home again today.  I’m happy to report that the two sickies are bouncing back quickly under the antibiotics, and I expect them to be driving us bananas again by this time tomorrow.


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