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January 27, 2012

Through the course of the week I’ve been chugging away at the waistband of the skirt.  As of Wednesday night I had only an inch to go, and thought for sure I’d finish it up Thursday night.

Even as late as 8 o’clock Thursday I thought it was well within reach.

And then Larson threw up.  All over himself, his bed, and his father.

A quick bath, a quick sheet-change, a quick change of clothes for Larry … and he did it again.  We did get him off the bed in time, at least – but the carpet got it.

And then a half-hour after that, again.

At which point we realized what we had on our hands was a sick baby.  Is there anything worse?

I have to stop here to give large bushels of credit to my husband, who despite getting vomited upon multiple times, spent a mostly sleepless night in bed with a very restless sickly baby.  I also must mention that he handled the laundry aspect of the endeavor; all I did was rock the baby to sleep, then handed him over and went to sleep myself.

Larry says he threw up once or twice after that; I’m happy to take his word for it.  In fact I only woke up at 4am when Larson started crying unconsolably, in a way that only a sick baby can.  I got him a sippy cup of water and sent Larry to sleep in our room.  Blessedly Larson went right back to sleep after the cup was empty, and stayed asleep until about 7:30.

Shortly after which Alistair started throwing up, midway through his getting-dressed-for-school routine.


Cut to the present:  My folks came here and stayed with the boys while I went to the office for the morning.  I am now home, laptop on lap, aside a sleeping Alistair, who has been vomiting periodically throughout the day and hasn’t eaten a thing.  Larson has been asleep since 10:30 (it’s 1:42 as I type), but has successfully held down dry cheerios and string cheese.

Needless to say, there was no knitting last night; tonight doesn’t look so promising either.

But it’s only an inch – 7 rows plus the bindoff – and I remain steadfast in my resolve to get this skirt finished and wearable by the end of the month.

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