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January 6, 2012

Larson’s new mattress was delivered on Tuesday.

I am terrified that he will somehow roll off the bed and/or jump over the rails we have set up, so for the time being we have the mattress and boxspring directly on the floor.  He has done neither so far, but it’s early days yet – I figure we’ll give him another week or so before we put the mattress on the bedframe.

While he’s still getting the hang of falling asleep in his own room (up til this we’ve been putting him to sleep in our room, then moving him), he has quickly adjusted to sleeping in there.  Witness:

Night 1 he woke up around 4 and Larry got him back to sleep quickly – and in his own bed.

Night 2 he woke up around 2 and watched TV with Larry (who was awake with a toothache) til he fell back to sleep – and was quickly reinstalled in his own bed.

Last night was Night 3; he didn’t wake up at all.

So that’s three good nights of sleep in a row for yours truly.

I wonder how long it will take for me to catch up on 15 months worth of crappy nights’ sleep?

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