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2012 Resolutions

January 3, 2012

I figure I might as well put them in writing; I always do.

But since the new year is all about looking forward, not back, we won’t be recapping our last years’ resolutions, or the completeness thereof.

So, without further ado:

  • Make Christmas stockings for Larry and myself
  • Continue to use up more yarn than I buy.  This includes not going so crazy at the annual Guild auction; two things I bought this past June are already earmarked to return to the auction in June 2012.
  • Keep the family eating healthily – although we aren’t 100% sure we’ll re-up for the CSA this year, I think we do a pretty good job on the whole.  Still, with Alistair packing a lunch every day, it’s a slippery slope to processed-food town.
  • Finally, and most importantly:  really REALLY try to not multi-task at home.  I feel like when I do, nothing and nobody gets the attention they are entitled to.

Cooking AND doing homework with Alistair doesn’t work out, for instance – the food isn’t as good as it should be, and his homework isn’t always done the way the instructions want them to be.

I know at the beginning this is going to be a tough one.  It’s going to require some sacrifice from everyone in the house – the kids can’t expect me to drop everything midstream.  Larry is going to have to help a little more (not that he does nothing – he does a lot – but the kids are in the habit of coming straight to me for EVERYTHING – he’s going to have to be a little more responsive to them).  But the biggest change is going to have to come from me.  I’m going to have to let a lot of things go, and even harder – give up control of a lot of things.

Stay tuned to see how – or if – it all works out.


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