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January 3, 2012

Happy 2012!

We decided that Alistair was old enough to ring in the new year with us, so we woke him up at 11:45 and brought him into our room.  He counted down to 2012 with us, had a sip of ginger ale in a champagne flute to toast in the new year, and was back to sleep by 12:02.  Larry and I were much tougher – we lasted til about 12:15.  And even though we bought a split of champagne this year, we didn’t even polish it all off – I drank the last of it last night, in a mimosa to accompany our breakfast-for-dinner.

In the milestone department, Larson has gotten to the stage when he does something (like, banging on the metal radiator surround, which will send everything atop it crashing down on his head) and we say “No!” very sternly.  And then he laughs, does it again, and looks at us to see our reactions.  That’s the tipping point – he went into Time Out for the first time this weekend.  And the second.  And the third…

We also bought him a full-size mattress (his crib converts to a double bed); it’s being delivered today.  We hope that this will be the final stage of getting him to sleep in his own room all night.  It worked for Alistair, anyway…

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