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December 16, 2011

My company’s holiday party is tonight.  I finished all of my work by noon, and am essentially killing time until it’s not too early to make a graceful exit and start the ‘getting ready’ process.

I hope not to make a complete spectacle of myself, but really anything is possible at this particular event.  Should there be photos to be had, I will share them with you next week.

On a more conservative and domesticated note, I finished knitting Larry’s Christmas socks last night; just need to kitchener up the toes, and then my holiday knitting will officially be complete.  Considering it is DK yarn and I only had 340 yards, I’m surprised to have as much left over as I do – I’m actually considering undoing the cast on and adding another inch or so to the cuff.

Or…not.  Sometimes it’s better to leave well enough alone.

I’m also nearly done with holiday shopping – one trip to the pet store, another to a grocery or department store, and then I’m done.

The boys are spending the night at Larry’s mom’s tonight, so I plan to get all the gift wrapping squared away tomorrow morning.

Provided of course, that I have the coordination and focus required to wield a pair of scissors.  Like I said, anything is possible.

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