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November 23, 2011

I took this week off from work like I always do, to get everything ready for thanksgiving and to generally decompress a bit.

Now it’s nearly 4pm on Wednesday and while the house is presentable and we’re well ahead of the game food wise, I feel like I haven’t gotten any rest at all!

Part of it is that I’ve had that awful rasping cough again, which doesn’t let you sleep (Larry has it too – so even if I am asleep, his coughing wakes me up. And vice versa)

But most of it boils down to this: being a stay-at-home mother is hard! Between school dropoff and pickup, and housework and baby-wrangling, there’s never a moment of peace. And for some reason I thought this would be a good week for appointments, so Larson had two (lead test & flu shot), and Alistair had a dentist appointment, which made for that much more running around. I swear I get more time to myself in my cube!

All of which goes to explain why my parents are downstairs with Alistair and I’m upstairs while Larson naps next to me.

I will not apologize for sitting still.

(But I can’t help but look at my to-do list and feel a teensy bit guilty.)

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