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2011.10.23, later

October 23, 2011

I didn’t mean to gloss over my birthday presents; our family tradition is such that if you want something in particular, you ask for it.

So I got a few bookstore gift cards, a couple of store cards, a windbreaker, some wine and a few packages of dark chocolate.

But my favorite gift came from Alistair.

A couple of weeks ago he ran some errands with my parents and came back with a bag of caramels – bulls eyes, cow tails, depending on where you live you may call them something different. Anyway, when he showed me what he’d chosen, I mentioned something to the effect that they were my favorite candies.

Fast forward to Thursday, when he told Larry he knew what he wanted to buy me. And to Friday, when they stopped at the corner store on the way home from school.

I had no clue until I opened the package last night. I mean, the candy probably cost all of $2. But the fact that he made the connection from an offhanded comment weeks ago, suggested it to Larry, and kept the secret, all to surprise his mama on her birthday?


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