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September 27, 2011

We are now in the second full week of school, and are finally starting to settle into a routine.

Such as it is – it seems like every week there’s something going on.  Last week was an open house at school.  This week it’s dentist appointments and flu shots.  Next week it’s an ice cream social at school, and math night (for parents, not kids) the week after.

It apparently never ends!

By the time lunches are made, bags are packed (mine and Alistair’s), baths are completed and pajamas are donned, I’m lucky if I manage two rows of knitting a night.

There is approximately a 0% chance that all four stockings will be done by Christmas.  I expect to struggle to finish the second one, due to a combination of timing and a lack of enjoyment derived from fairisle knitting.

Had I seen this as drudgery beforehand, I would have just bought personalized ones.

Oh well.

Larson’s Christmas socks are almost done, at least – I’ve been taking them to work and various appointments.  Alistair’s will probably take only a couple of weeks, also, which should give me two solid months to make a pair for Larry and the traditional ornaments for all the nieces and nephews – a total of 9, including my kids.  Those have to be done by Thanksgiving, actually, but I’m confident I can knock one out a night, so I’m not too worried about those.  Yet.

And while you’re probably sitting there thinking “she’s nuts – it’s way too early to worry about Christmas”, I’m sitting here thinking “holy crap!  There are five family birthdays, Halloween and Thanksgiving between now and Christmas – how will I ever get everything done in time?”

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