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September 16, 2011

The other big thing that happened to us this week was, we bought a new car.

Earlier in the year, we’d hoped to get through one more winter with our old car.  As the summer went on, and we sunk more and more cash into it, though, our timeline got shorter and shorter.

Last week I took it to my mechanic for a checkup (it had been running hot, despite having plenty of water/antifreeze) and he wouldn’t even change my oil.  “It’s not a great idea to drive your kids around in this thing anymore” he said.  “Go buy a new car”.

So we did.

We had intended to buy a used one, maybe two years old; get something with a bit of warranty left, for a lower price.  But all of the ones we’d looked had pretty high mileage – some were already out of warranty! – and were less than $2,000 lower than a new one.

So we looked at a few different new ones, drove two, and picked up our new one on Wednesday.

I’m not gonna lie – it’s a little bittersweet.

I bought that car as a single woman – Larry and I had been dating for only a few months at that point.  Aside from our honeymoon, every trip we’ve taken together has been in that car.

I was driving that car to work when I heard the report about the plane hitting the World Trade Center.

We brought both of our children home from the hospital in that car.

We took Alistair to his first day of preschool and kindergarten in that car.

And it’s been almost six years since I’ve made a car payment.

But in the end, it was juuust about to overheat when I drove it to the dealer and traded it in – and I couldn’t have been happier to sign the title over and hand them the keys.

So, Bonnie the PT Cruiser is gone … long live Henrietta the Sorento.


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