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August 25, 2011

All outward appearances to the contrary, there has been knitting going on around here.

I finally finished the first Christmas stocking – it took me six weeks, although I will confess that it sat idle for weeks at  time.

I’ve given myself a sabbatical, and am not starting the second one until after Labor Day.  I have zero expectations of finishing all four in time for Christmas at this point – I’ll be content to have the boys’ done this year; Larry and I can wait til next.

I also finished the vest earlier this week.  Although the size was right for me when I began knitting this back in late June, I have finally made a dent in the last of the baby weight, and it is now too big.  Figures, right?  So it’s going to my mother, as soon as I weave in the ends and block it out.

So, presented with a little over a week of starting whatever I want, knitting-wise, and with the added attraction of an impending storm, I’m not sure what I’ll start next.


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