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June 28, 2011

Despite appearances to the contrary, there has been knitting going on around here.

As expected, I finished the wrap early last week.

Still needs to be blocked – I had hoped to do it over the weekend, but I just wasn’t feeling my blocking mojo.  Maybe over the long weekend, or maybe one night this week.  I’m super happy with the way it turned out – I’m toying with the idea of making another one, and leaving this one unblocked – it makes a cute and very ruffly scarf as-is.

And like I said, I finished the long-languishing entrelac scarf last week during a training session.

Although the pattern calls for two balls of yarn, I stopped at the end of the first.  For no particular reason other than, well, I’d had enough.  This needs to be blocked, too.

Which, once you factor in the beaded scarf, makes three things to be blocked, or at least two.  I’d better have full-on blocking mojo when the time comes, haha.

I started the first Christmas stocking last week.  It’s slow going because it’s two-color knitting, and I had to chart the letters myself, but it’s moving along.

I’m a little worried that it’s so much bigger than our old stockings (not that the kids will mind, haha); I’m not sure I want them to be quite that big, so this has been in a short timeout over the weekend.  Tonight I’ll decide one way or another.

But in any case, it’s not a portable project – I’m using two balls of one-pound yarn.  So I need to decide on and start a takealong project soon…


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