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June 21, 2011

On Saturday Larry took Alistair to the Bruins parade; Larson went to my mother-in-laws, and I went to the salon for a much-needed tuneup.

I got there earlier than I expected, and spent a happy 20 minutes out front, sitting in the sun and knitting.

After the color was applied, I spent another happy time knitting in the waiting area.  There were two other knitters there!  I couldn’t believe it!  One had brought her knitting with her, and the other?  She’d forgotten hers, but when she saw the two of us knitting, she booked it home to get her project.

And what a project!  I wish I’d asked her to take a photo of it, because it truly was spectacular.  It was a wrap pattern from the book, Modular Knits, and she was using Misti Alpaca sock yarn.  I didn’t think to write down the name of the pattern, and not all of the ones in the book seem to be well-represented on ravelry, so I’m having trouble finding it.  But it was a thing of beauty – sort of entrelac, but then with other short rows interspersed, and then some regular rows in there too.

I’m not explaining it well, I know, and without a photo it’s even worse.  Sorry, I guess I just got caught up in the moment…

Sunday was Father’s day, and we put up our little pool.  We have three or four hand humps, but couldn’t put our hands on one at the moment of truth…

The boys could NOT wait!

Well, Larson wasn’t thrilled with the actuality of the pool…I bet he’ll get used to it as the summer goes on.

The hosta’s are getting bigger and bigger, but I swear I like them best before they bloom.

In other news, I put Larson into his crib the other day for like 2 minutes, and came back to this:

Yeah, standing up.  Eight months old.  He’s also crawling around like a champ.

I’m so doomed.

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