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June 17, 2011

Sorry for the lapse, folks.  Between the playoffs and sick kids, we’ve had late nights and little sleep – which does NOT make the days go by any faster.

The parade is tomorrow (Larry’s hoping to take Alistair), and hopefully after that things will settle down and I can catch up on my sleep.  Which will then improve my mood, and the domino effect will go from there.  In a good way.

On the other hand, I did manage to finally finish the mystery scarf.

It still needs to be blocked.  I’m trying to figure out a way to do so that will open up those beaded floats,

while letting the body of the scarf remain lofty.

I really do like that waffly stitch pattern, it’s so cushy and you just know it will hold air and be nice and warm in the winter.  But for some reason, I’m not in love with the scarf as a whole.

Oh, I also have some yarn to show you.

First up, the yarn from the Sheep and Wool Festival.  I ultimately only bought yarn from a single vendor – Bittersweet Woolery.

Sweet Nothings Silken laceweight, colorway ‘Twilight’

Guilty Pleasures supersock, colorway ‘Zombie Princess’

I’m here to tell you, these photos do NOT do her justice; her colors are awesome!

And then we have the yarn from this year’s Guild auction.  As usual, I donated a bunch of yarn, and hoped to bring home less than I brought.  As usual, I failed and brought home approximately the same amount.  I regret to say that I’m in a different place than the yarn, so I’m relying on my memory to write these notes – which may be incomplete or inaccurate.

Mohair blend sportweight, I want to say about 100 yards.

Worsted weight blend, nearly 1200 yards – I know because I have a project in mind for this already.

One skein of aran-weight mohair, 300 or so yards (I don’t know WHAT I was thinking with this, except I really like the color)

Flocked-sock kit, which I may cannibalize to make a pair of ragg socks with.

Really nice laceweight, unfortunately missing labels of any sort.  And lots of it  –  11 balls this size.  I need to do the ruler-wpi voodoo thing and figure out exactly what I’ve got here.

Progress continues on the shawlette – I have 27 rows to go, and hope to have it squared away next week.  And then, as God is my witness, I will start the Christmas stockings.


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