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May 17, 2011

I think I mentioned a while back that we joined a produce CSA for the summer (it hasn’t started yet, but I’m very much looking forward to it).

But I joined another one a few weeks ago, and I definitely didn’t mention that one.

It’s a yarn CSA.

You read that correctly.

Barbara Parry, whose blog I’ve been reading for years and whose yarn I’ve been using even longer, started a fiber CSA a couple of years ago.  Being on the austerity plan as we are, I could never quite bring myself to join.

Except this year, I caved.  Larry said it could count as an early Mother’s Day present.  So I jumped right up on that.

The first shipment (Cormo Flock Sock) came a couple of weeks ago:

I unwrapped it, took this photo, and carefully wrapped it back up.  And it remains in that same condition as I type this now.

It just seemed too precious or something – too good to use for any random project.

Until yesterday, Barbara suggested a knitalong.   A different sort of knitalong, where everyone knits whatever project they like, but they all use the same yarn to do it.  It starts May 29th.

So my disenchantment with the mystery scarf is now overcome by the urge to well, knit along.   I fully intend to make tracks and get that puppy finished ahead of time.

Now, to find just the right pattern…

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