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April 28, 2011

We’re coasting along on a nice little dinner streak.

Monday night, peanut butter noodles – this recipe, minus the chicken.  Meatless Monday and all, and frankly we didn’t miss the chicken.  Not sure I’d bother with it on a non-Monday.

Tuesday night, Mexican rice bowls – this recipe, except I forgot to marinate the steak so I used a fajita seasoning packet.  And we passed on the slaw.  So basically rice, salsa, steak – with a fried egg on top.

Last night, Alistair’s Pick of the Week – sloppy joes, with turkey instead of hamburger.  Does that make them sloppy Toms?

Both Tuesday night and last night he asked for seconds.  SECONDS?!  We usually have trouble getting him through his firsts!

Tonight I have a kindergarten informational meeting at 7, so hotdogs are on the menu.  I don’t expect to have a battle, needless to say.

I don’t know if he’s over his fussiness, or the pick of the week thing is distracting him enough, or what.  I don’t care what’s causing it, I just savor the good vibes at the dinner table whenever I can get them.

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  1. April 28, 2011 2:02 pm

    Excellent post thanks for sharing. Being with family is something I truly enjoy. Reading your blog is another thanks again.

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