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April 19, 2011

After running a few errands on Sunday, Alistair and I took a stroll down to the river, and walked a path that loops around over two bridges and back.  Larry sprained his ankle last week, so he stayed home and took a nap with Larson.

Anyway, it was a nice spring day, although we should have worn sweatshirts – it was breezier down there than it was at home.  When we got home, we puttered around the house a little bit with the other two slept on.  And before we knew it, it was time for dinner.

Sunday was Alistair’s pick of the week night – chicken pot pie.  Which he loves and eats without complaint, so that was a full-on win.  (I should mention here that when I talked about his newfound fussiness, it’s always about the meat – never the vegetables.  He’ll almost always eat them without comment.)

Last night, for Meatless Monday, I tried a new one:  mushroom barley soup with kale.

He was with me when I did the grocery shopping on Friday, so I let him pick out the mushrooms (one of his absolute favorites) and the kale, and get the barley out of the bulk bins.  I was hoping that having him involved would make him more likely to eat it, and it worked – he ate without a struggle.  Admittedly, the shaved pecorino on top was also a factor.  And the fresh scali bread.

Nonetheless, it was delicious, and an absolute joy to have a stress-free dinner.

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