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April 3, 2011

Alistair turns five (FIVE?!) on Thursday, so the upcoming week is going to be crazy.

We’re taking him to the Children’s Museum on the day itself, then having his party on Saturday, so we’ve got only limited time to get the house cleaned up and preparations settled.

He spent last night at my MIL’s, so we got the party shopping done and made inroads on the cleaning, at least.

He’s also got school pictures on Friday, so we’ve got to get him a haircut in the next few days.  He’s been back on the “I don’t like haircuts” train lately, so I’m not looking forward to that.  Larry has been threatening to cut it himself, which fills both Alistair and me with a sense of dread for entirely different reasons.

I’m still straining to finish the birthday project – I think it’s going to all get done, but it’s going to be awfully close.  I’m not going to show you finished photos until they’re all done, but I’m ready to share what the project is, at least.

The party’s theme is Angry Birds, so I’m crocheting him a set of Angry Birds.  Six birds, and three pigs (two of the three are courtesy of CC, who’s come through in the clutch for me yet again).

So the thing is, I’m not very good at crochet.  I’m left-handed, and while that doesn’t matter at all in knitting, it matters a LOT in crochet.  I had to spend a good amount of time on YouTube to figure it out, and I’m still not sure I’ve completely got the hang of it.

Also, when I started this endeavor, there were only four birds.  Then she released the fifth, which I thought I’d still be able to finish in plenty of time.  And just last week, she released the sixth.  Alistair knows all about the project – except for bird number six (the toucan aka boomerang bird); provided that I DO get it done before the party, I’m going to wrap it up and put it with the other presents.  The rest of the birds and pigs will be the centerpiece for the party, I think, and there’s probably a good chance they’ll be batted around at some point during the party.  Because, as usual, it doesn’t seem as though the weather will cooperate for us next Saturday.

The last challenge in the whole party theme is the fact that party-type items for Angry Birds don’t exist.  We’re cobbling things together – more so that usual, which is saying a lot – and we’ll see how it all goes.

So, in summary, today represents the calm before the storm.

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