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March 26, 2011

Larson had another milestone this week:  his first ophthalmologist appointment.

His pupils are two different sizes, and although the pediatrician thought there was probably nothing to worry about, she also thought it worthwhile to have him checked out.  Since all pediatric ophthalmologists are ophthalmologists, but not all ophthalmologists are pediatric ophthalmologists, we had to wait six weeks to get an appointment with someone who could contend with an infant.

So the ophthalmologist started things off with a visual inspection, then told me that it’s a not entirely uncommon condition.  And that only about 8% of the time are there no other conditions involved.  So he gave him the drops to dilate his eyes, and then cheerily said “okay, we’ll be ready to take a look in 20 minutes or so”.

What followed may have been the longest 20 minutes of my life.  Among the other possible conditions, he mentioned lazy eyes, crossed eyes, misshaped corneas, not to mention run of the mill poor vision.  That last one is the only one that might not result in surgery.

Finally we went back for for full checkup.  And thank my lucky stars, he’s one of the eight percent – his eyes are otherwise completely normal.

So far, at least; things could start to go pear-shaped (literally!) at any time, so he’ll be having annual checkups for the foreseeable future.  And if anything starts to look odd, we’re to get in there immediately.

But “otherwise completely normal” beats any of the other scenarios by a mile.

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