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March 4, 2011

I had the Peep’s midyear evaluation meeting at his school this morning.  I find it a little funny that there is such a thing at the preschool level, but in this “no child left behind” day and age, the powers that be are on top of child development from the get-go.

I’m very proud to say that he’s meeting and/or exceeding expectations in almost all areas; he’s social and sociable, his behavior is good, he’s reading well beyond his age level and has an advanced vocabulary (her words).

The only exception is in his fine-motor skills – it seems that he uses both hands interchangeably when he’s writing and coloring, and gets frustrated when it comes to things like using scissors or threading beads onto needles.  I’m not entirely surprised, since I’m left- and Larry is right-handed, and we both spend time with him doing crafts.  The teacher said that he’s improved a lot since before the Christmas break, and that she expects him to continue to improve.

I asked her what we can do at home to help him, and she said it’s the simplest things:  like letting him pick up the pencil rather than putting it into his hand, and practice cutting things at home.

She also said that it’s pretty common for children to not settle into their “handedness” until they’re as old as six, and that it’s nothing to worry about now.

I’m not worried about him at all… but I will admit to feeling a little inferior as a parent, like, if only I’d done something differently, he wouldn’t have to struggle.

I don’t know what, really, but surely there’s something….

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