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February 14, 2011

The weekend passed by in a blur.

The Peep kicked things off late Friday afternoon with a low-grade fever, followed by a round of vomiting.  The fever came and went through Saturday, and he was mopey all weekend long.  Perky as usual this morning, and very excited to go to school, so it could have been a lot worse for sure.

The Peanut is still teething, but I’ve discovered a way to improve his overnight sleep habits:  let him sleep in our bed all night.  Kicking myself for that a little, but if that’s what it takes for me to get more than three hours of sleep in a row, so be it.  At least for the next little while.  I am still giving him naps in his own room, which is more than I ever managed with the Peep, so hopefully it won’t be too terrible to get him back into the swing in there.

As for poor Larry, he’s slowly recovering from Friday’s extractions.  I think he’s still feeling a bit tender around the mouth, understandably so.

I realized this morning that we’ve been inadvertently vegetarian since Thursday night.  We got pizza for dinner on Friday, which Larry obviously couldn’t eat – he had some oatmeal and an egg.  On Saturday I made avgolemono soup for his sake – nice and smooth, and lemony and delicious.  Last night I did a riff on this recipe, and used a bell pepper instead of a tomato (I’ve made the full recipe before, including the steak, and it’s a winner).  As sore as Larry may be, he’s also heartily sick of eating mushy food, so despite my secret resolve to stick to a Meatless Monday plan, we’re having slow-cooker brisket tonight.

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