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February 8, 2011

It’s Stay-Home-Tuesday, working since 8:30 so I’m ready for a bit of a break.  And since I’ve been home with the boys I thought I’d give you a little update on these two.

The Peanut is teething, I think – drooling like a faucet, gnawing on everything he can get within reach.  He’s not in the least bit fussy, but he’s chewing chewing chewing drooling chewing.  With the occasional gag when he jams something a little too far into his mouth.  But I’ve never seen a baby smile while he’s puking — he does.  He’s got just the best disposition.

He turns four months old next week, and we’ll likely be starting baby cereal pretty soon, here’s hoping that’s the turning point that gets him sleeping all the way through the night…He’s sleeping right next to me right now, and it’s all I can do to not wake him up just to see his toothless grin.

As for the Peep, he’s growing up way too fast to suit me.   We’ve been setting up camp upstairs for the past few Tuesdays, me and the Peanut on my bed and the Peep shutting between his room and mine.  He needs me for lunch, and drinks, and the occasional “can you open this, mama?”, but otherwise he’s just fine all by himself.  He’s been playing mostly independently for the better part of the day.  He comes in here and plays for a while, then goes back into his room and plays for a while (he’s in there now, and I can hear him in there making car and spaceship noises).  Which makes me both happy and sad in mostly equal parts. Can you believe he’s almost five????

At times like this it’s hard for me to believe that the arsenic hour is only about 90 minutes away….

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