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February 1, 2011

We’re still trying to get our family back into the working-mother groove.  It’s a challenge, particularly because the Peanut’s schedule is constantly changing. Not to mention the weekly snowstorms that close school and force me to work at home on extra days.  It’s a blessing to have that flexibility, for sure, but it is a disruption.

The Peep seems to have only recently realized that this whole Mommy-going-to-work thing isn’t temporary; on Friday I got a sobbing phone call “Mama, can you just come home now?  I really miss you.”  And then on Sunday, about to walk out the door to a playdate with his cousins, more tears “I don’t wanna go!!!  I’ll miss you too much!”

Just what I need to hear, when battling the twin demons of guilt and withdrawal.

But for the record, here’s a typical weekday in our house:

  • Between 4-5am:  The Peanut wakes up hungry, and I nurse him.  Then we both doze off again.
  • 6:15: Larry’s alarm goes off, and continues to beep every 9 minutes; Larry sleeps on.
  • 6:30:  I get into the shower.   <Sometimes the Peanut wants another bottle around this time, administered by Larry>
  • The Peep wakes up sometime between 6:30 and 7:15, depending on how noisy the rest of us are.
  • 7: Larry gets up, brings up the morning drinks (coffee for him and me, juice for the Peep); I get dressed and do the makeup thing.
  • 7:30: Larry heads for the bus stop.  Often the Peanut has fallen back to sleep by now.  Negotiations about getting dressed begin with the Peep.
  • 8:10: My mother arrives, and the boys and I head downstairs.   I make the Peep’s breakfast, then run back upstairs to dry my hair.
  • 8:20: Pack my lunch and the Peep’s lunchbox.  Take meat for dinner out of the freezer to thaw.
  • 8:45: Get into the car and drive the Peep to school. This is our special time together.
  • 9: Walk the Peep to his classroom, then back to the car and head to work.

Which all seems pretty hectic, but it’s actually not that bad; there’s very little scrambling in the morning.

Especially compared to the evening routine…

  • 5pm:  Larry leaves work and begins to make his way home via public transportation.
  • 5:30: I leave work and head home.
  • 6-6:15:  We get home and start dinner.
  • 6:30-7: Dinner.
  • 7-8: Baths, pajamas, and family lounge time in my room.
  • 8: The Peep’s bedtime.  This is his special time with Larry.
  • 8-10: Somewhere in here I nurse the Peanut for bedtime.  Sometimes he needs a bottle afterwards, sometimes not.  Once he’s asleep my time is my own.  Unfortunately by this point I’m completely knackered; sometimes I’ll read, knit or watch tv for a bit, but usually I’m dead to the world by 10:30.

The Peanut usually wakes up between 12 and 2; lately he hasn’t wanted a bottle (thank goodness), but he wants to be cuddled back to sleep.  I usually bring him into our bed at that point.  Before you criticize that, please take a look at the time my day begins…

I’m hoping this will give some insight to how busy I am these days, and explain why I’m turning down a lot of invitations these days – by the time we actually have some downtime, the last thing I want to do is pack the kids up and head out again.

It also explains why there’s not much knitting going on, and certainly no large-scale projects for a while, I don’t think.  I do have a couple small projects to share, as soon as I get some photos.  Which probably won’t happen until it stops snowing.

If it ever does…it’s snowing now (Tuesday morning), and is supposed to continue until sometime THURSDAY.




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