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January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!

New Year’s Eve gets a little lower-key for us every year.  This time we baked a ham for dinner, chocolate fondue for dessert, and I’m sorry to report that I conked out at 11:30.  Missed the whole dang thing.  Oh well.

The Peep talked about the concept of fondue for literally days leading up to the big event – and then only dipped one strawberry.  He ate a bunch of fruit without the chocolate, at least.  The hit of the night was a marshmallow dipped in the chocolate then rolled in coconut flakes.  Coconut isn’t my thing so I didn’t try it myself, but I must admit that it did look quite festive.

Did my annual New Year’s Day inventory-slash-cleanout of the yarn stash in my bedroom, which is essentially the new yarn I bought in 2010.  This time I wound up with the following:  one grocery-store sized bag of self-contained project yarns (a few skeins of assorted sock yarns, and two sets of sportweight yarns), two separate SWEATERS’ worth of yarn, one grocery-store sized bag of yarn that is now listed for sale/for trade on Ravelry, and one small bag of yarn that I’m going to donate to the local senior center.  There’s also a tote bag full of small project bags, but that doesn’t count as stash.  Right?

I’ve decided to mostly shy away from the whole resolutions business this year.  With the exception of losing the rest of the baby weight, that is.  I’m halfway back to normal – pre-Peanut normal, not pre-Peep normal, unfortunately.  While I doubt I’ll ever get quite that far down again, somewhere between the two (a 15-pound swing) would be nice…

Personal goals aside, there are some knitting goals I have.

  • I want to make Christmas stockings for the four of us. I figure one every three months should be okay.  I’m only doing Christmas ornaments for the nieces and nephews this year, not ornaments AND accessories, so I feel this is doable.
  • Possibly try intarsia.  But we’ll see – four fairisle stockings might be plenty enough colorwork for one year.
  • Make inroads in my sock-yarn stash.  According to my January 1 reckoning I have TWENTY-TWO pairs’ worth of sock yarn.  Sock yarn is the my ultimate impulse buy; so easy to justify one or two colorful skeins of yarn.  Too easy, clearly.  And although I love the Yarn Harlot’s idea of a self-imposed sock club, I can’t imagine making twelve pairs of socks in a year.  So I’m going to set myself a goal of six projects in 2011 that use sock yarn.  I have the new 101 book, so I’ve got plenty of ideas – hats, mitts, scarves, wraps – and who knows?  Maybe some socks too.


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