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December 28, 2010

We had a lovely Christmas, and hope you did too.

On Christmas Eve we sprinkled reindeer food on the front lawn.  This is a new one for us, one of the teacher’s aides at the Peep’s school gave it to us.

And it definitely worked; Santa brought each of us some of what we asked for.  More on that another time.

We spent Christmas Day at Larry’s brother’s house – it was fun day, but a long day, and we were quite happy to stay close to home on Sunday, watching the skies and the weather reports for the much-hyped blizzard.

Which actually came through and lived up to the hype for once.  We got around 18 inches, and the wind was crazy fierce – Larry left one garage door open, so he could get at the snowblower easily, and the wind battered that door so hard that the hinges bent a little too far back, and now it’s a struggle to get the door to close.  It’s still pretty blustery today, too.

We all spent time with the storm in our own way…

Larry, with heavy machinery

the Peanut mostly lounged around, as is his way under most circumstances

the Peep and I, out frolicking

(eyes, toy plastic basketballs.  the nose, a segment of sweet potato.  the mouth, sock yarn.)

Evie, from the comfort of the top of the radiator

What does eighteen inches of snow look like, you ask?

Here’s my leg, literally knee-deep…

And the snowblown driveway…

And what’s better on a snowy day than a cup of cocoa?  Only a cup of cocoa with a few select additions…

My cup had a snowman AND a splash of whiskey…


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