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December 9, 2010

Please don’t let my last couple of posts mislead you; things aren’t sunshine and lollipops around here all day every day.

In fact, almost like clockwork, every day from 4-6 is startingly close to hell on earth.  That’s usually when the Peep has either had enough of being in all day (on non-school days) or has reached a critical mass of overtiredness (on school days).   That time is also the starting-dinner window of opportunity, which is crucial in my ongoing attempts to have dinner on the table before 6:30.  Those two factors, with or without the addition of an infant, make that two hour section of my day something to be feared,if not avoided.  And avoided it cannot be.

Well, except on Fridays, when we order takeout and the dinner prep is out of the equation.  We often pick Larry up at work on Fridays, which gets the Peep out of the house and out of his funk.  So pardon me if I refer to Fridays between 4-6 as “happy hour”, as opposed to “arsenic hour” which is its name the other weekdays.

I’m beginning to figure out how stay-at-home mothers do it, but I swear I will never understand how single parents manage.  Each and every one is due to a drink on me, if not a medal of honor.

On the knitting front, despite being about a day behind my 10-rows-a-day goal, I’m into the heel gussets now.  I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be turning the heels by the end of the weekend, which means (knock on wood) that I might get these suckers done for Christmas with time to spare.

Which is good, because I already have at least two projects in mind to start thereafter.   More on that later…

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