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November 21, 2010

So here we are, mere days away from Thanksgiving, and for the first time I’m really not looking forward to it.

Oh, I’ve been further behind at this point before – the house is always a mess, it seems. I’ve got most of the supplies on hand already, with really just the produce left to buy.

But this year I have a lot less leeway, seems like. Even though I’m home, I usually take this week off from work anyway, and this year I’ve got an infant to work around to boot. Not to mention the associated lack of sleep, which has a corresponding lack of ambition.

I’m sure the essentials will be just fine – the food, the dishes, the table, the booze.

The cleaning will be where things will likely fall apart…At the very least, the kitchen and bathroom will be clean – the rest, I just can’t speak for just yet. I’ve already decided that the windows won’t be washed, nor the curtains; I erased them from the list yesterday. I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be able to mop the floors, but time will tell…

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  1. November 24, 2010 10:48 am

    You’re wonderful to host! I’m sure the day will work out well – here’s hoping so at least. Happy Thanksgiving Dina to you and yours.

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