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November 17, 2010

Sublime: The baby slept for nearly SIX HOURS last night before waking up for his late-night feeding.

Ridiculous: The Peep has a cold, and was up and down most of the night coughing and sneezing. Which means that Larry and I were also up and down most of the night.

I kept him home from school today, mainly so he wouldn’t pass it along to anyone else.  I don’t want to become “that mother”, you know?

I’m thrilled to say that in just the past few days, the Peanut has started nursing a couple of times a day; I’m still pumping an additional bottle’s worth each day.  While he’s still getting more formula than anything else, I’m reasonably content with the way things have panned out.  Now that we’ve breezed past the one-month mark, I’m confident that we can keep it up til at least the six-week mark, and possibly the two-month mark.  I’m making these goals in two-week increments at this point. Although I have already decided that there’s no way I’m dragging the pump to the office this time around.  I will continue to nurse as long as I can/he wants, though.

At his one-month checkup this morning the doctor pronounced him “perfectly healthy”.  Really, what more could we ask for?


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