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October 28, 2010

We’re starting to settle into a nice little routine around here.

On the non-school mornings, the Peep brings some of his toys into my room, and we spend a happy hour or so watching childrens’ programming and playing with whatever toys he brings with him.  Which makes for a bit of extra cleanup in the afternoons, but it’s sooo worth it – we’ll likely never have leisure time like this again once I’m back to work, so I’m savoring each and every moment.

School mornings are still a bit hectic, with all of us scrambling to get out the door in time, but we’re working on it.  My mother’s been coming to the house in the mornings, so I don’t have to drag the Peanut with us to school.  The bonus there is that I get alone time with the Peep in the car – we talk about school, we listen to a soundtrack of his choosing, it’s very nice and mellow.  He’s still loving school, thank heaven (I was a little worried that he wouldn’t want to leave me alone with the Peanut), and I get a bit of downtime while he’s there.

I’m thrilled to report that we haven’t slacked too far off from our dinner routines – we’re holding steady at one night of takeout a week.  Most nights I’ve got the dinner prep midway finished by the time Larry rolls in.  That makes for early dinners, which in turn makes for more family time before the bedtime saga begins.

And just in the past couple of days, I’ve made a triumphant return to leisure activities.  I turned the heels on the baby socks yesterday, and I’m midway through my latest library book.  And while I think knitting a sweater while I’m home is a pipe dream, I’m pretty confident that I can knock out two more pairs of socks before Christmas – grown-up sized socks, no less.

The other thing I’m doing a few times a day?  Counting my blessings.

Because I know precisely how lucky I am.

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