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September 29, 2010

I’m still operating under my grand scheme of starting some dinner prep before I leave for work in the mornings.  The crock pot is a key factor to my success so far.

Last week I made pulled-pork sandwiches in it.  Holy cannoli, it was great – and there was enough left over that we had shredded-pork nachos over the weekend.

Monday I made a beef stew.  “Oh, big whoop” you say “everyone does beef stew in a crockpot”.  Yes, but every other recipe I’ve ever seen tells you to brown the meat first – this one doesn’t.  Instead you toss the beef with flour, salt and pepper before adding in the rest of the ingredients.  And while next time I’ll use my own beef stew seasonings instead of paprika and Worcestershire, I will definitely be going the brown-less route.

Last night I roasted a chicken.  I need to find out if they sell the crock-inserts separately, because if I had a spare lying around, I would have thrown the chicken in there, too.  But the crock hadn’t yet been washed (I know, so much for my plan) and I wasn’t up for washing it.   Instead I roasted it in the oven, which was fine except yesterday was very muggy, and I could’ve done without having the oven on for 2+ hours, you know?

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