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September 21, 2010

Apple-mania continues unabated at our house.

So far this season we’ve made:

German Apple Cake

Microwave Apple Crisp

Dutch Baby

Potato and Apple Hash

Choco-Apple Cake

We’ve eaten tons out of hand, too.  I generally have one every day during my evening commute year-round – keeps me from gnawing my arm off in traffic, you know.  But lately I’ve been having one at night while watching television.  And the Peep was on a peanut butter and apple kick for a while, but it’s been replaced by the delightful combination of apples and Nutella.

I can’t say I disapprove.

Later today I’m making a crostata (cheating a bit and using a premade dough), and tomorrow or Thursday I’ll make a tarte tatin.

Hopefully that will be just about it for the apples.  If not, I’ve got one last recipe in reserve, but it’s got weekend written all over it…

And there’s always straight-up baked apples, with or without the specialized equipment.

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