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September 17, 2010

I seem to be losing momentum on all fronts lately.

The garden is nothing short of a disaster.  I wish I knew someone who kept goats, I could borrow a couple for a weekend and straighten things up.  The grass has gone to seed, we got NOTHING from the tomatoes, spinach, or lettuce this year.  There are weeds all over the front yard.

Worst of all, I don’t even care enough to do anything about any of it.  Sigh.

The knitting continues to progress slowly – I’ve been alternating between knitting and reading during the evenings this week.  I don’t feel any particular pressure to finish anything at the moment, which is kind of a nice feeling, and something of a novelty lately.

With five weeks to go, the baby is still percolating – at this morning’s checkup the doctor told me it could be “tomorrow, or in two weeks, or in five weeks”.  Moments later he said the baby seems to be “big for his age”  (grrrreat).  He advised me to pack my bag and put the car-seat base into the car this weekend, if only to provide some peace of mind.

So that’s about it for updates around here.

On the bright side, applefest is ongoing.  I’ll post some recipes and recipe links next week…

have a great weekend!

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