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September 3, 2010

After literally days of hype, the meteorological powers that be have backed a little, and are now telling us that Hurricane Earl will only be a ‘typical rainstorm event’ for the greater Boston area.  Up til yesterday they were telling us to stockpile canned goods and bottled water…

I was kind of looking forward to a biggish storm, actually; I think the Peep is the perfect age for a power-outage event, and would get an enormous charge out of the whole thing.   Ah well, better luck over the winter, I guess.

Our weekend plans include the continuing saga of preparing the new-baby room, and (possibly) some unrelated housework.

And some knitting, definitely.   I knocked out two quick baby-gift hats earlier this week, plus a hat for our Peanut.  I want to make him a quick pair of socks before I start on my next (and likely last) complicated project of 2010, which I’ve finally settled on.  Behold!


Hillflowers, by Anne Hanson. (ravelry link)

In a nearly-solid color, it will look quite different from the one above.  And it’s got lacework on both sides of the piece, so it should be a challenge for me.  Still, I’ll only be making the scarf-sized one, so I feel reasonably confident that I’ll have it finished before zero hour arrives.

I’m frankly a lot less confident that we’ll get the baby’s room squared away this weekend…

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