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August 16, 2010

In between all the tax-free-weekend-related errands, I was able to carve out some time to sort through the Peep’s baby clothes.

Frankly, I was floored.  I don’t remember having quite so much.  We have more than enough onesies, pajamas, receiving blankets and baby towels to get us through the first few months.  We will need some cold-weather gear, and some long-sleeves onesies, etc., but for the most part, we’re all set, clothing-wise.

AND I filled three trash bags full of off-size/off-season clothes that we donated to the charity box.  For example, fleece and flannel pajamas in size 6-9 months.  The Peep’s 6-9 months came in October-December, whereas the Peanut’s will be April-June (or May-July).  See how that works?  It doesn’t.  So out it goes, bound for a home where they will be used and appreciated.

All in all, I cleared out 2 big plastic storage containers.  Space is continually at a premium in our house, even in the basement, so knowing that these clothes won’t be returning to the basement after they’re outgrown (again), is a major plus.

Not bad for 45 minutes’ work, eh?  I felt both thrifty and virtuous when I was finished.

And a little melancholy, in truth.  I remember dressing the wee Peep in those outfits, and seeing them again makes me realize just how quickly the time goes.  And how big he is.

I’m tempted to go through another container or two, just to clear out some more space down there, but we’ll see.

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