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August 12, 2010

I had my monthly checkup with the doctor this morning (we’re at 30 weeks, folks – due date is Oct 23), and he says everything is progressing properly.  The baby is growing as he should and is getting himself situated in the ready position.  Sleeping has become uncomfortable for me, so by the end of the day I’m REALLY dragging nowadays, but otherwise I feel pretty good.

The doctor says that the odds are something like 40% that the baby will come early when you’ve already had an early baby, so although I hope the Peanut isn’t 5 weeks early like the Peep was, I’m still planning on having my bag packed in early September.  A little early will be okay with me, but not too early, you know?  Early baby=smaller baby=easy delivery.

At the same time, the Peep starts preschool on Oct 4, with orientation on the 1st.  And I really want him to have that first week to himself, to be the center of attention.  So I’ve decided that the baby can come anytime before 26th, and anytime after October 7th.

(Like I have any control over any of it…)

In other news, the baby’s room is starting to shape up.  The furniture arrived Monday, and my plan for the weekend is to sort through the Peep’s newborn clothes and really get a handle on what we have vs. what we need.   We’re going away next weekend, and after that I’m determined to get the room completely set up and ready for his imminent arrival.

That I DO have some control over, despite not being able to lift or carry heavy things.  My nagging skills are undiminished, haha, and I can bark out orders like a champ.

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