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July 23, 2010

My day of solitude was faaaabulous.  Quiet, leisurely, and yet somewhat productive.

I was up at my usual time; the boys left just before 8.  I kicked things off with a 30-minute yoga practice (usually I only get to do the 15-minute practice after supper), put away the laundry from Tuesday, and had a leisurely breakfast on the verandah.

The sun doesn’t hit the front of the house until midday in summer, so it was perfect, breezy and shady.

Then I scanned and sold a bunch more cd’s, and then took a flyer and did the same with some of my books.

Between the two I netted almost $60, not a bad take for a Thursday morning.

All that before 10:30.

I read outside for an hour or so, until I started getting hungry.  So I made my lunch and took it out onto the front porch.

I watched a few reruns of Bones – I may have fallen asleep in there for a bit – and then was ready for my midafternoon snack.

You may have noticed that not only did I spend a seemingly inordinate amount of time eating, but also that I used fancy dishware rather than our regular stoneware (or ahem, paperware).  To which I can only say, what’s a vacation day without a little something fancy?  Most of this china sits in my hutch collecting dust; what’s the point of even keeping it around if I can’t use it and bring a smile to my face every once in a while?

Using non-dishwasher safe china is about as indulgent as things got, by the way.

I did a little knitting in the afternoon, and wound off a few skeins of yarn for the rest of my summer projects.  I toodled to the library to pick up a couple of books, and hey presto! by then it was time to pick up the boys.

(The Peep, for his part, didn’t have such a great day; he had an upset stomach, and a touch of a temperature, and spent most of the day asleep or cuddled up on my mother-in-law’s couch.  He took another catnap once we got home, and then was up til after 11, of course.  He’s fine today, thanks.)

All in all, I had a marvelous day, and one I wouldn’t mind repeating on a regular basis.  Not weekly, maybe not even monthly; quarterly, though – quarterly sounds about right.

Stay tuned for a post similar to this one sometime in October.  Oh wait; come to think of it,  my October ‘day to myself’ will probably involve the arrival of the Peanut, and the corresponding hospital stay.

Which will likely be as sedentary as yesterday was, but not quite as relaxing…

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