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July 10, 2010

A sticky, muggy, stormy Saturday afternoon.  I’m glad it’s raining – the grass was downright crunchy – plus it removes any expectation of a busy day.  I just wish it was a little less humid.  And perhaps not quite so hot?

Larry and the Peep put together a wooden model car a while ago; now Larry is watching the World Cup third-place game, and the  Peep is playing videogames while they’re waiting for the glue to dry, so they can paint it.

I’m alternating between active and passive.

Active, which isn’t really all that active, is entering my cds into a used-music-buying website.  I’ve decided that since I haven’t listened to the overwhelming majority of them since we moved into the house (cough – 2005 – cough), the money will be more useful.  I’m only getting about $1 per, but there are about 1500 of them in all, so it adds up.  Worth doing, for sure, but not very exciting.

Passive is knitting (duh).  I decided not to rip out the wrap after all – I’ve got plenty of the yarn, and at the moment of truth I decided I wasn’t really into ripping out four inches of single-ply wool.  I’m up to about 8 inches now, and am really liking the way the color is sorting itself out.  Can I show you?  Alas, I cannot.

Perhaps when it stops raining I can run the piece outside for a quick couple of photos…

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