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July 8, 2010

Despite all the heat and humidity, I’ve been managing to knit.

I finished the baby blanket late last week, and blocked it over the weekend.

The finished dimensions are something like 22 x 30, which is less than ideal for a regular baby blanket.  I think it’ll be just fine for use with the car seat and/or stroller, though.  Otherwise I’m pretty happy with it – I like the stitch pattern, and the colors, and the yarn.

But I’m glad it’s over.

I managed only 72 rows of knitting through the course of the weekend, but I made them count:

Two more Christmas hats, off the list.  Only two more to go!

Which reminds me that I never did post the hats I made for my boys.  And now its too hot to make the Peep wear a wool hat for a photo session, so here you go.

And if my kids look like Team Zissou this winter, so be it.

I started a new project on Monday – the Stolen Moments wrap – but I opted to make the larger size, and I’m finding it to be just tooooo big.  I’m going to rip it out tonight and start over with the regular size.   I’m using some Manos that I’ve had in my stash forever; I took it out to donate it to my guild’s auction, but then couldn’t bear to part with it.   I thought for sure I had photos of the yarn somewhere, but apparently not.  I’ll take a few tonight.

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