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June 24, 2010

As expected, the Peep made a full recovery by midafternoon on Tuesday.

I’m juuuust about back to normal, myself.  I worked from home yesterday just to give myself a bit of a breather.

So we’re all better, and things could have been a lot worse; I’ll take it.

Work continues on the latest baby blanket.  It uses a stitch pattern called rose stitch, which is apparently one feared by a lot of people.  I’m not having any trouble with it, so either it’s all a lot of hype, or I’m doing it wrong.  No telling which, but I like the way it looks:

I took this photo an inch or two in, and now I’m a foot in, which is the halfway point on the middle part of the blanket.  After the middle is finished, there’s an edging added all around, which ought to drive me good and crazy, but for now I’m enjoying it.

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