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June 18, 2010

I finished the second Christmas hat for my boys last night (one each); I’ll post photos later, once I can get the Peep to mug it up for the camera.

That’s two more Christmas knitting projects done, for a total of five down, four to go.

I have a baby blanket all ready to start tonight.

I’ve decided that for the next little bit I’m going to alternate my projects, one baby project, then a segment of Christmas knitting, then another baby project, etc.   The remaining four Christmas hats are naturally divided into sets of two by yarn weight and recipient size, so it makes sense to knock out two in a row of those.   Aside from this new blanket, I have a Baby Surprise in the baby knitting queue, and after that I think I might be done.

I reserve the right to change my mind, of course.  Part of me would like to add a stole/wrap into the mix, for a nursingwear cover-up, but we’ll see how things go; I have a feeling time might run away with me in late August/early September.

So here’s what’s on the must-do between now and Christmas:
– baby blanket
– four Christmas hats (2 toddler size, 2 tween size)
– Baby Surprise Jacket
– Christmas family socks (four pairs this year)

and … we’ll see what else.

My goal is to get the baby blanket and the hats finished before we go to the Farm (on July 31), and bring the BSJ with me as my vacation project.   Again, we’ll see…

In other news, we’ve decided to postpone our basement renovation for a while.   Our builder hasn’t started anything yet (thankfully we haven’t given him any money yet, either), and I’ve reached the point where I’m getting anxious about the lack of progress.

The baby things belong in the baby’s room! – not in the kitchen/living room/dining room/closet! – which means we need to move all the man-cave things out.  Which we couldn’t do until the room in the basement was ready.  It’s been a vicious cycle-slash-holding pattern for the past couple of months.  We’ve been waiting and waiting,  construction still hasn’t begun, and frankly I’ve had enough.  So we’ll set up some temporary digs for the man-cave in the basement for the time being, make do for the latter half of the year, and do the job properly in early 2011.

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