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June 16, 2010

In case you were wondering, I’m well aware that the blog has largely fallen by the wayside these past few weeks.  I’m aware, I’m sorry, and I’ll try to do better.


In the meantime, I wanted to check in to let you know that I finally finished the socks!

They still need to be washed and blocked, I think, for the pattern to really show itself off.  I don’t usually do either to socks, once they’re finished I usually just throw them into the sock bin, but I think these are worthy.

Pattern:  Spring Forward, Linda Welch for Knitty Summer 2008
Yarn:  Sundara Sock Yarn, Colorway’ Oh So Fun’

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  1. Carol Seitz permalink
    June 16, 2010 4:55 pm

    These are amazing. I’ve never done “fancy” socks. I have a stock pattern that requires no thought and I think of socks as my brainless activity. I’m impressed!

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