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June 9, 2010

We made pizza on the grill last night.

I know I’ve posted the recipe before, but this time I thought I’d post the visual steps, so you can see for yourselves how easy it really is.

1.  Heat up the grill, and find some means of distracting the little one.

2.  Toss the stretched-out dough onto the grate, and watch while it bubbles up.

3.  After 2 minutes or so, flip it over.  Larry uses a peel because he thinks he’s cool, but he’s done it with his fingers plenty of times.

4.  Apply sauce and cheese.

5.  Close the cover, and wait.  At this point you just want the sauce to warm up and the cheese to melt.

5a.  Try not to glare at the people who are hovering over your shoulder, wanting to eat it NOW.

6.  When the cheese looks melty and delicious, pull it off.

7.  Give it a minute or two to cool, then slice it up and enjoy.

Really, it’s just that easy.

We had leftover sauce in the fridge  and bought the dough and the cheese from the store, but even if you buy everything – even if you buy two balls of dough and make two pizzas –  it’ll still be a LOT cheaper than having one delivered.

Faster too.

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