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May 17, 2010

We had a nice low-key weekend.  I got a haircut, ran some errands, lounged about in the backyard a bit…in short, exactly what I needed after another grueling week at the office.

In fact, things got so icky for me last Wednesday that I had to resort to a little retail therapy.   The figurative chickens came home to roost on Saturday, when I got a small package in the mail from Sundara Yarn.

The contents?

Sigh.  Swoon.  Am I blushing?  I may be blushing…

Isn’t it funny how one small skein of sock yarn can turn your whole week around?

Needless to say, all thoughts of Christmas knitting have been shunted aside; I will cast on with this little gem as soon as I finish the current hat.  (Which, I might add, is the third of nine, and wholly respectable progress for mid-May.)

In other news, the garden is coming along nicely for this time of year, and I thought you’d like to see an update of sorts.

Just like last year, one of our grapevines is growing in leaps and bounds

While the other one is short but productive

There are at least four other little sprigs like this one, too.

The indigo is starting to bloom – a little earlier than usual, usually they burst forth in the first part of June.

The strawberry patch is crazy-lush and full this year

and loaded with baby strawberries.

We were at Home Depot yesterday, and debated getting some netting to keep any predators away.  But all they had was bird netting, and I’m fairly sure that last year’s (meager) crop was victimized by four-legged poachers, and I have no idea whether the bird netting will keep those beasties away.  So we’re going to let things ride this year, and just watch everything closely.

Hopefully we’ll get at least some of what’s growing out there!

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