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May 11, 2010

I had a great weekend, and I hope you all did too.

Friday night was as fantastic as I’d expected; the food (we ate at Toro), the music, the company – great on all counts.  Except for getting home at 11:30, which in my heyday wasn’t even halfway through a night out, but now is way waaay past my bedtime.

Nonetheless, I was up and out early Saturday morning, braving the elements to run the weekly errands before heading to Providence for the Peep’s big show.  At which he did much better than I’d expected – there were plenty of kids who were terrified, crying and/or tantruming, and he did none of those things – although he did lose interest 3/4’s of the way through.  I think we can safely wait another couple of years before trying another one of these events.

Then on Mothers Day I was treated to breakfast in bed, some new jewelry, and best of all – the bliss of an extra hour in bed, while Larry took the boy outside to play.

Annnnnd – I finished the baby blanket.  I blocked it out last night, and it’s still a bit damp today.  I hope to be able to unpin it tomorrow and take some finished object photos to share with you.

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